Julia Delrieu

Through my experience of parenting, the changes I see in my community, and through my 15 years driving innovation and technology, including leading impact initiatives, the problem became inescapable.

The climate crisis is here.

Over half of companies worldwide are already affected by climate change.
They’re facing pressure from banks and investors regarding their environmental impact.
Consumers are increasingly aware and more demanding, rightfully so.

That being said…

How will we ensure we can build resiliency without overtaxing what’s left of our resources ?

What do we want our communities to look like ?

What leverage, tools, do we have, through our work ?

So I poured into research, interviewed, trained and tested new approaches. I came out with some key learnings: 

  • Companies that prioritize human-centric approaches outperform their competitors when tackling new challenges: research shows this can go up to a staggering 260%.
  • The early 2000s was all about digital transformation, now we must focus on Sustainable transformation. This time though, let’s make sure we’re not investing in tech at the expense of humans.
  • Success hinges on preparation. As McKinsey reports, precisely identifying the training and cultural shifts needed for your transformation can multiply your chances of success by 6.

I can help you navigate this critical shift.

I’m an experienced consultant, Agile coach and trainer, specialized in CSR and Sustainable IT. I work with companies, training centers and consulting firms to help bring about or accelerate Sustainable transformation.

I’m a Franco Canadian based in Lyon, France, but I work across Europe (trilingual English-French-Italian) and North America (preference for Eastern time zones).


She possesses expertise and a strong commitment in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and energy and environmental transition, combined with effective implementation and engaging facilitation for the group.

Looking forward to our next collaboration!

Melanie L. – Training Officer for Industry Syndication

“We were struggling to find an alignment between management and teams on our Net-Zero commitment goals.

Thanks to Julia, we were able to clarify expectations and create a dynamic of commitment that was previously lacking.
In a short but effective period of time, our teams managed to align on the KPIs for our decarbonization project.”

Laura D. – Communications Director for French Multinational, Energy Sector

“Thank you for these very stimulating training sessions on green code and sustainable IT.
They will allow us to rethink the scope of our web development projects. I can’t wait to put these lessons into practice!”

Céline C. , VP Sustainability,
UK Based International Marketing Agency

☕ Let’s kick start your sustainable transformation